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By opting for a used Mazda, you’ll discover Japanese automotive technology. The Japanese manufacturer has its own technology, which sets it apart from the competition. When we talk about Mazda or used Mazda, we immediately think of the RX-8, one of the few models to be powered by a rotary engine. Positioned slightly behind the other two Japanese giants Toyota and Nissan, Mazda offers good quality and affordable vehicles. With a used Mazda, the driving experience is simple but rewarding. The sensations are realistic and the offer several different models. The diversity of this Japanese manufacturer is very versatile. There’s a used Mazda for each style of driving. Browse through our inventory and leave with the used Mazda of your choice.

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While the quality and value of Mazda vehicles speak for themselves, a closer look at Mazda as a corporation reveals a global commitment to serving as responsible corporate citizens.

In 1992, Mazda Motor Corporation adopted the "Mazda Global Environmental Charter." Since that time, Mazda has been dedicated to furthering its commitment to the environment in order to achieve greater harmony among cars, society, and nature.

These actions include: zero landfill measure, fuel efficiency improvement, and reduction of emissions. Mazda has also pioneered research into alternative fuel sources like compressed natural gas, hydrogen and electricity, while eliminating the production of CFCs and the use of asbestos in the manufacture of cars. Read more

Mazda MX-5 to Get Electronic Regenerative Braking

Mazda has announced it is adding a regenerative braking system to its MX-5 – though not as part of a hybrid powertrain. For the moment it will be included in European versions of the model only; time will tell if we get it here in North America as well.

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Mazda SkyActiv-X

Mazda SkyActiv-X

It makes for a promising beginning for this new stage in the process of developing future Mazda vehicles, at all levels but particularly in terms of reducing of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption while still improving the driving experience...

Mazda SkyActiv-X Review
2017 Mazda3 Sport

2017 Mazda3 Sport

The 2017 Mazda3 Sport stands out for its overall road performance, an interior luxurious for its class and stingy fuel consumption of barely 7L/100 km. put it through 8,000 km of hard testing!...

2017 Mazda3 Sport Review